Inspired by a rosa named paola…I left honduras with a dream…

I traveled with my sister and friends the entire trip(the first 5 flights)…I still don’t know
what the airlines did(I gave them my sister’s exact itinerary and matched it) that I ended
up on a flight by myself from el salvador returning to los angeles this past february.

I sat there alone and wrote what would become Pequena Rosa.

My love and HUGE appreciation goes out to jeff alan ross(stevie nicks, chris issacs, paul
anka…you name it…even steve martin…love that) for composing such beauty and
making a dream a reality.

Special thanks to mike fitzgerald who was born with a gift and lent his angel-like vocals.

Thanks to john mahon(elton john’s percussionist) that lend the beats that will make all
the rosas in the world dance.

Thanks to steve fekete(avril lavigne) for the spanish guitar that completed the song.

Of course, proceeds of the downloads will benefit
Our Little Roses.

I dedicate this song to all rosas who reach for the sun, the biggest star in our sky.

I ended up on that flight alone...hmmm…sometimes, life is strangely beautiful.

Paola…I can’t wait to dance with ya next year.

I've done a lot of...ummm...stupid things in my life...haha...this is not one of them.


Without further ado…

Pequena Rosa.

download Pequena Rosa