I know some funny people...thanks
for takin' the time. - billjhill

"brilliant ...better than sex"- johnny c. , the boston

"wicked pissa ..better than  beers , baked beans
and chowda"- boston john

"bill kills"- quentin tarantino

"two thumbs up my ass ...bill is a great american"-
george bush

"bill hits a home run ..he must be on steroids"- jose

"should be required reading at harvard business
school and most rehab clinics"- donald trump

''i laughed my turbin off ...rock on bill ..and death to
america"- osama bin laden

"the times  they are a... becoming quite different
..bill is the philosopher for a new, fucked up
generation"- bob dylan

"what's with the hat?"- bob denver , gilligans'
island gazette

"bills' book helped me lose 30 pounds"- oprah

"i laughed..i cried....i cheered ..i cried some
more..more crying ...blew my nose..cried some
more...almost stopped crying but not quite ...had a
couple of drinks and i was o.k."- messy , davids'
den daily news

"ludicrous...benny hills' book not only inspires
perspires"- mike tyson

"way better than salman rushdie"- sadam hussein

"after reading bills' book , my priests don't seem
that bad"- cardinal roger mahoney

"i can't read"- paris hilton

"fun for the whole family"- charles manson

"i wanna party with that guy"- bill clinton

"i wish i had read bills' book before the hurricane ,
it could have saved hundreds of lives"- ray nagin ,
mayor of new orleans

"although i enjoyed the book , i could not grasp
bills' deep undersanding and respect for women"-
kobe bryant

"i can't believe i got away with it"- o.j. simpson

"these are the stories i would read to my children at
bedtime"- paula poundstone

"bill...hill.... huh..that kinda almost rhymes"- jessica

"bill helped us get pregnant...thanks bill"- tom
cruise and katie holmes

"hill is god"- eric clapton

"better than's a good book"- martha

"i can't believe bill is still alive"- keith richards

"these stories have to be true ...even i can't make
up shit like that"- dan rather

"go to hell bill"- ex-girlfriend

"too many big words"- anna nicole smith

"you can't touch bill...he's gonna make a fortune
....i'd invest in him"- hammer

"and i thought i was fucked up"- rodney king

"no viagra needed ..bills' book will get your blood
flowing"- raphael palmeiro

"bills' book scared me straight"- elton john

"i also can't believe o. j. got away with it"- robert

"bill..hill...what a thrill.....i would kill to have his
skill....his book gives me a chill.....i should take a
pill....i think i will...i liked it even better than "green
eggs and ham""- rev. jesse jackson

"muy bueno"- vincente fox , president of mexico

"i peed 16 times just looking at the cover"- wee wee
, davids' den times

"bill is no girly man ..this book will pump you up"-
arnold shwarzneggar

"brilliant...i choose bill"- hillary clinton , paid for by
the comittee to elect clinton/hill in 2008

"cowboys rule drink the damn shot"-
marissa , bartender

"i laughed so hard i fell and cracked my shell"-
turtle , reptile

"bill really seems to care ...about what.. i have no
idea"- mcduff , handyman

"bills' book really makes you think...i hate that"-
shaquille o'neal

"groovy.....bills book makes me horny baby"-
austin powers

"well lubricated"- larry flynt

"i also can't believe bill is still alive"- fidel castro

"i can't wait for the sequel"- steven speilberg

"bill floats like a butterfly and it stings when he better buy his book or i'll knock you to
your knees"- muhammed ali

"drop dead bill"- ex-boyfriend

"rip roaring funny...don't operate heavy machinery
or drive after reading bills' book"- lindsay lohan

"mr hills' book could lower cholesterol"- c. everett
coop , former surgeon general

"as a wealthy black golfer ,  i can relate to bills'
stories as a poor , white writer"- tiger woods

"bills' book helped land the space shuttle"- NASA

"bill saved my career"- gary coleman

"bills' book gets you higher than any drug out i've heard"- robert downry jr.

"it drove me to drink"- ted kennedy

"i owe everything i have to bills' book"- bill gates
"bloody good read"- tony blair

"if these stories are true , the end of civilization is
not far off"- dr. laura

"holy hell...bill takes you on a wild crusade you
hope never ends"- the pope

"funnier than "philadelphia" and "saving private
ryan""- tom hanks

"it's just like "passion of the christ"...only
different"- mel gibson

"instant will make a great broadway
musical"- mel brooks

"oscar worthy"- jon stewart

"bill has real talent ...i heard he even does his own
writing"-ashlee simpson

"bills' book saved my marriage"- jennifer lopez

"bills' book has given me hope that our two nations
can live in peace"- kim jong il , dictator of north

"he shoots...he scores..bill saved hockey"- wayne

"bills' book could lower gas prices"- OPEC

"billys' book makes me want to touch ...monkey...ya .that's monkey"-
michael jackson

"he must have sold his soul to be this good....see
ya in hell bill"- madonna

"90% inspiration, 8% motivation and 5%
depravation"-pamela anderson

"masterpiece....a breathtaking , lyrical , stunningly
poetic combination of
shakespeare, milton, dickens and melville all rolled
into one.....i wept"- ozzy osbourne

"ozzys' lost his mind again"- sharon osbourne
"our only hope is he doesn't reproduce"- rush

"bill is so great ..i would let him have the last
donut....mmmmmmmm donuts"-homer simpson

"bill is to writing , what pauly shore is to acting"-

"bill is so cute...i wish i was single"- jennifer

"bills' book started out fast ...quickly climaxed...
then fizzled in the end , leaving the reader totally
unsatisfied"- jenna jameson , porn star

"too wordy"- terrell owens

"bills' book could start world war III"- kofi annan ,
secretary general of the united nations

"epic...enormous..bill comes up huge"- john holmes

"outrageous...bills' stories make me look sane"-
denis rodman

"bills' advice saved our company"- ken lay , enron

"i had a great time last night me"-
condoleezza rice

"thanks for the alibi bill...good one"- scott peterson

"all time greatest book ever"- bill hill

"bills' book helped us enrich uranium...thanks bill"-
mahmoud ahmadinejad , president of iran

"bill is a true superhero"-  clark kent , the daily

seriously bill, great stuff, very very funny with some
good lessons. the stories were hilarious. i wish you
the best of luck and am looking forward to
your next project.

thanks for the laughs,
Boston, Massachusetts
one review