Man...thank you all so much for your words!! I owe you a beer or
                - billjhill
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Just got done reading your book! It was pretty funny. The section
about taking your VW up to Lee Canyon made me remember a
time when we were driving down the street in it and the clutch fell
off... you had to pull over and put it back together. I also
remember a time when you had no steering wheel??? Pretty
sure that was you. Couldn't be anyone else!

I have to know, who burned her hair half off when you asked her
to prom, and then you didn't even take her? Poor thing!

Well, you continued to be one big adventure :) I'm glad life has
given you lots to laugh about. Just wish I could see you all
wrapped up in saran wrap with mayonnaise on your head!!!

Good work, Bill J. Hill :) !!!

Denton, Texas


Mr. Bill to the J to the Hill,
I spent most of my journey back home reading your book on the
airplane and waiting for connecting flights. You have inspired me
to go to Hawaii on my 23rd b-day and I think I convinced my twin
brother to join me. I enjoyed your story(ies) and the whole time I
was reading it, I couldn't help but picture it as a feature film.
SERIOUSLY, I think that it would make a great movie starring
who else but YOU! Cheers and thank you for sharing. :)

Highest and best,
Studio City, California


Your book had to be the funniest book I've ever read. That shit is
funny. I can't believe it! I'm passing the book around to my
friends and they think you need to come here and party, they
want to hear more.

Bill DeHaan
Grand Rapids, Michigan

I received the book last week and read it in one night. Mr. Finger
had me rolling on the floor, along with the car on fire in the snow.
A lot of the stories took me back to high school. I specifically
enjoyed the reflection of the hospital stay laced throughout the

Tracy L.
Las Vegas, Nevada


I don't know that I've ever read a book and said aloud,
"Shut UP!" I read the entire thing in one sitting, not letting even
my 2 year old distract me..I bribed her with candy.  What a great
match of friggin' hilarious comedy and deeply touching
moments, but if that's not Bill Hill for ya....Truly can't wait for the
sequel...hope you're takin' notes baby!

Woodland Hills, California


If you love great wit, laughing, and vivid, well told
stories, then you will love Bill J Hill's, "It's Just What Happened".  
It's wildly entertaining from start to finish and it leaves you
wondering, "what next?"  Bill, I LOVED it!!  You are amazing...

Sherman Oaks, California


I just received your book this afternoon and didn't put it down
until I read every single page...My favorite was the airport story
about being the only passenger on the plane. I shared many of
the stories with my husband...It may seem easy to you to get a
book and read every single page without putting it down more
than a few times for a few minutes each, but with three kids and
husband wanting my attention trust me it isn't. My husband saw
how much I was enjoying it and I just read along. I hope one day
you put together another one and please let me know I will be
more than happy to buy it. I read a lot of books but yours is one
of a kind, JUST LIKE YOU!!

Las Vegas. Nevada


I read your ENTIRE BOOK last night!!! Yes, I spent a Saturday
night with you and your book...thought you'd like to know. Loved
it. I think the Burbank solo flight story was my favorite. I also want
to know about your woman; did you ever speak with her or see
her again??

Studio City, California


Bill, what can I say you had me from: " Can you believe my
parents named me......." The book was a page turner. I could not
wait to get to the next story. Then when I did OMG! What the
heck were you thinking?! I always new that you would be great
one day! I never expected this:

I have known Bill Hill since the 7th grade.. The Best Memory of
mine of Bill was in the 7th grade.. Is when he came to our
Halloween dance as a shower.. (Yes, straight out of Karate Kid!)

Bill J. Hill has the talent! In his book, he has expressed it so well.
Bill has always been the one to make you laugh. He is there
when you need a shoulder to cry on. He has such an energy
around him! That you want to be just so close to him. Bill just
makes you see things in a light that you could never imagine. If
you "Do Not" find Humor in his book "It’s Just What
Happened"....then maybe you should rethink your life. This Is a
man that lives for his Dreams! He is the one person that reaches
for the Stars! He lives his life to the fullest! How many people do
you know that really strive for that?!

As Bill J. Hill states it best: "Be That Good!"

I wish you the Best in your life! I am looking forward to reading
about your next Journey!


Las Vegas, Nevada


I've known Bill since I was 12...he was my first real
"boyfriend" 12 can we really have that kind of title?  Anyhow,
I just finished his mean WOW!  It's wasn't like
reminiscing, and saying oh yeah I heard about that, or knowing
who the characters was
that had me hooked...It was how he put it in words!  I love the
way he told a story with each chapter beginning with a piece of
his brush with death. I felt overwhelming compassion as I read
each sentence.  My favorite chapter was a New Years Eve
Kiss...Like I said…I've known Bill my whole teenage life...but
never this side of him.  I knew he was a romantic...but to read his
words...or yet a male version of Love at First sight...without the
mush gushy was so magical and eloquently written!  This
is a must read whether you know him or not...a good book to me
is a book that makes you feel what the writer is feeling or
becoming the character. This book is a page turner..."It's Just
What Happened" to me.

I'm so damn proud of you Bill!!
Love ya kid,
Mel (Friends for Life)

Glen Allen, Virginia

Hey Billy -

What is it Kid! Kudos on the book. What in the hell are you
thinking drinking anti-freeze out in the desert?


Albany, New York     

I read your book last week but I have not had a chance to email
you since.  I just wanted to let you know what I thought about your

You Made Me Laugh.
I Laughed So Hard...I Cried
Your Book, Your Stories...Were Just That Good!

Much Love,

Williamsville, New York


Dude I read your whole book. The pics were great and made
you really want to read on to see what the stories were. That was
a hella great idea. It is like a bunch of book covers instead of
just one. Plus they were drawn awesome. I also liked the way the
accident was mixed in, but I wanted more details about it.  Oh
and one more thing the gay crying part was a great idea cause
the chicks love that stuff and it will sell books. Here is my quote
for the website... It was the best book I read all day.

Russell Ebert
Las Vegas, Nevada


I just finished your book, it was GREAT!!!!  Not only did I laugh
out loud, it was touching as well.  I can relate to some of the
stories since I also have the Vegas background, not because I
have actually done any of those crazy things.  Although I do
understand what drives a somewhat sane person to. Thanks for
the laughs.  I can only hope that the good times keep coming for
you in turn the entertaining books for the rest of us.

Las Vegas, Nevada

My hermano Bill Hill has always been a true inspiration to me
due to the fact that when he sets out to do something, he
completes it.  Congrats on your first book! Since I have been
around Bill for 30
years I kind of went into the book thinking I would just be reliving
our child/adulthood and thats it. Well, from the moment I opened
the cover (his licence pic. is way worse than mine!), I could just
tell I was in for an entertaining journey.  I have never laughed so
hard, out loud, so much so people thought I had a social
disorder. I work for the airlines and I think I frightened many
passengers. I couldn't stop laughing. I had to put the book down
on numerous occasions to get Kleenex. A truly great book
should bring out a range of emotions and every range was felt. I
laughed and cried my way through every page and the pages
turned quickly. I can't tell you how proud I am of you and one
thing has not changed over the years, you still make me laugh!  

Thanks Bill Hill!

Cheri Hill

Anywhere, Somewhere

Yo Mr. Mulligan I just recently returned from a trip from Atlanta,
and had the opportunity to read your
book.  I can honestly tell you that i really enjoyed
it a few times I had an outburst on the plane.  I also
found myself telling some of my friends your stories
as if they were mine they are all so funny especially
since it all actually happened.  I like they way it
was set up with your accident it flowed really well it
seems like you have had a very fun life, and you have
inspired me to write about my life of nonsense and
weird occurrences.  I can't wait hear more of your
stories let me know when the next edition comes out.
I will definitely buy it.  Yo I was recently in Vegas
and I cannot understand how any one can live there
Crazy! Book was great let me know if you have parts in
a movie I am ready to go big time.  Thanks for the
stories and the memories See you on the flip side.

Peace Kurtis Love

Somerset, New Jersey


My man Bill.....Fuckin that book had me laughin my ass off!!!!
Rock and roll brother!!!

Jonny U - drummer of The Knives

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Maurice F. Morgan II
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'It's Just What Happened'